Video Creation on the Web

Online videos have ushered in a new dispensation of Internet landscape, spurring millions to tune in on the Web to watch countless footage and movie clips. Tagging on YouTube’s phenomenal success, a huge number of Web sites have been taking a crack at offering motion picture experience to its users. With a cheap video camera or video phone, you can actually become a video producer overnight by uploading just about whatever videos you want for free to let the world watch your home videos of parties, cute babies or pets, family portraits, and even your nonsense jokes and pranks. What’s more interesting is seeing video junkies taking a further step in the world of online videos. We have rounded up some interesting sites on the Net which allow users to create videos minus the special software. And it’s free!

Media-Convert can convert audio, image and video files from one file format to another to hasten up you video creation for free. Media-Convert will come in handy with some sites that allow certain video format which may not be compatible with your video phone. With support to almost any media format on earth, there's a good chance Media-Convert can convert serve you needs. Media-Convert can actually convert PDF documents to Adobe Flash (SWF) files, and it even obscurely converts text documents to Morse code.

Movavi Online Convert
Movavi Online offers free online video converter that allows you to upload videos and convert them to formats you wish to use. Movavi Online also allows videos downloaded from YouTube, Google and other video-sharing sites to be converted to AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP for most widely used cellphones including iPhone and portable media players like iPod. Movavi also converts videos on your local PC without installing new software. Yes, it’s free minus the annoying ads!

Zamzar is an online one stop solution for a comprehensive file conversion needs. It’s actually a web service that converts not just video files but almost any other audio, images and documents to other formats. It has an extensive list of conversion compatibility to transform songs, videos, images and documents into different formats.

Web video creation becomes so easy and fun with Jumpcut. JumpCut is a free Web site that offers online video creation and publishing from scratch. If you want to be creative with your clips and images, Jumpcut has a drag and drop video editor of clips, images, music, sound effects, transitions, and effects which you can play around right on the Web site. JumpCut offers a unique “remixing” feature that allows users to combine their created footage and cool picture slideshow with others. Just a note, Yahoo! recently acquired JumpCut and it seems online video creation will be added to its services for free.

MuveeMix is a free online video mixing service for user-generated content that allows users to create short personal videos from raw footage, music and pictures. The Web site calls the video files stored on its server as “muvees” with embed links that can be posted straight to MySpace or blog site. MuveeMix automatically creates video mixes and slideshows that trail the beat of chosen sound file or music. It also adds synchronized effects and transitions based on the video creation style that the user picks.

Moblyng is a cool and easy way for users to create and share video content both on the web and to mobile phones for free. Moblyng tries to catch the wave of mobile video buffs. Moblyng’s unique feature is its ability to converts Flash-based widgets for distribution to mobile phones. The Web site has applications that convert web-based photo and slide show widgets and online video from any social media page for cellphones and portable media players.

Photobucket is one of the most popular Web sites for uploading and sharing photos, videos, and graphics online. With free accounts that can store thousands of photos and hours of video, Photobucket offers free tools for making slideshows of photos, videos with music.

Hellodeo sports a simple but interesting Web site interface that allows its users to record videos directly from a webcam and then post them on blog sites or any web page without installing new software. Hellodeo revolutionizes online social interaction with a Web that’s so simple, users are not even required to register or log-in.

Blu-Ray gears up to conquer optical disc domain

by Marlon C. Magtira

The second half of 2008 should be a challenge as well as a blissful ground for Sony’s Blu-Ray as major studios that previously released HD-DVDs zero in on Blu-Ray Disc format.

Sony’s strategy leveled up Blu-Ray’s position in seeding on PlayStation3 with Blu-Ray discs and controlling major TV and movie content-distribution channels. The announcement of motion picture giant Warner Brothers early this year that it will exclusively release its productions in Blu-Ray has stirred excitement in the industry, bringing the whole pack of Hollywood studios to throw their weight behind Blu-ray and also announce the dumping of HD-DVD. It’s a big blow for Toshiba to step down and finally end the manufacture of HD-DVD gears. As a result, Blu-Ray eventually sets up to become the industry’s standard for high-density optical discs.

Blu-Ray is now up for the challenge to push for market acceptance and ignite the home entertainment industry that shows a slowing down due to piracy. We now expect to see Blu-Ray devices to pop-up to enhance our movie viewing and burning delights.

What is Blu-Ray?
Blu-ray, also called “Blu-Ray Disc” or simply BD, is the more contemporary optical disc media designed for high-definition video and data storage following on the path of legacy CD and DVD formats. The term “Blu-ray” comes from the innovative blue laser used to read and write a new type of disc that can store 25-50 GB of data as compared to about 5-9 GB of DVDs. Bigger capacity will mean more stored data and generally higher quality images and sound for high-definition movies. Hitachi, TDK and Panasonic recently announced a 100GB four-layered Blu-ray Disc for movie content and data archives. This will mean that the whole 100 GB of data stored on a PC can be backed up in just one of those discs.

Developed by a group of consumer electronics and motion picture companies led by Sony, Blu-Ray drives are designed to be backward compatible to play DVD and CD formats.

Online gaming distributor Amped Games has recently sealed a partnership with Korean game publisher GPlayon to exclusively market and distribute N-Age in the Philippines.

According to Amped Games product manager Agnes Tapia, GPlayon will manage the technical backbone of N-Age with servers located in the Philippines while Amped Games will provide business direction.

"N-Age is a new massively multiplayer online role playing game that sets a distinctively contemporary urban theme. Users will notice the difference of N-Age’s color and localized background to fit the Philippine local market," Tapia said.

N-Age users are directed to protect a virtual city called “Centerville” by eliminating black-suited minions who try to takeover the metropolis. Users get to interact with other users in the process.

According to Amped Games product officer Julius Salagan, “users will not only experience an exciting MMORPG virtual world in N-Age, they can also buy, sell and trade with other members.”

N-Age offers free membership but users will be required to buy top-up cards from Amped Games priced at 10-500 pesos to experience the full game features. These top-up cards are also used with other MMORPGs distributed by Amped Games including Tantra, WarRock, and Cronous.

Canon goes for green technology with environment-friendly products

Canon Marketing Philippines recently announced its initiative to encourage awareness on current environmental issues by promoting the use of energy-efficient products.

“The company recognizes the critical global issue of environmental concerns. In line with this belief, Canon reiterates its commitment to provide products that lessen energy consumption and are increasingly earth-friendly,” Ramon G. Arteficio, Canon Marketing Philippines President and CEO said

Canon also announced that it has accomplished new product modifications and enhancements that are designed to lower energy consumption and increase recyclable materials including new automatic shut-off functions, decreasing warm-up period features, enhancing reusable plastic, and implementing an environmental information system in stages of product development.

“Complying with international standards of environmental preservation, Canon’s latest line of scanners, fax machines, copiers, and inkjet printers have gained the seal of Japan’s Eco Mark and USA’s Energy Star,” Arteficio said.

Arteficio also said that the company maintains close relationships with various organizations that promote environmental conservation.

Epson unveils new line of low-priced printers designed for back-to-school season

by Marlon C. Magtira

To address the need of students for affordable yet high quality digital imaging tools, Epson Philippines recently introduced its latest line of printers priced and designed for the entry-level users and first-time buyers.

The new line of low-cost Epson printers include the Stylus T10 (PhP2,195 SRP) and TX200 and TX400 stand-alone All-in-One models. All printers are equipped with Epson's innovative four-color individual ink cartridge system that significantly cuts ink costs because users will replace depleted ink cartridges separately.

Ed Bonoan, Epson Philippines Senior General Manager and Division Head for Sales and Marketing said, “we wanted to dispel the notion that only great artists using expensive printers and scanners can produce quality pictures and prints. With our new line of printers, students and other entry-level users can now afford professional-quality digital imaging tools for their school and recreation needs." ventures on Philippine market with ABS-CBN founder and president Peter Pezaris, ABS-CBN Interactive managing director Paolo Pineda, and vice president for business development David Hersh brief the press before the announcement of and ABS-CBN's partnership at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City on June 18, 2008. (Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN Interactive)

by Marlon C. Magtira

Leading U.S.-based social networking web site recently announced its partnership with ABS-CBN Interactive in a bid to seize new business opportunities and create more online advertising revenue from the Philippines.

In a press briefing held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City last June 18, founder and president Peter Pezaris confirmed that his company has signed up an exclusive marketing deal with ABS-CBN Interactive to sell online ad in the country.

Pezaris said that is currently one of the world’s largest multimedia sharing web sites with more than 9 million users worldwide who post about two million photos, 19,000 videos and 55,000 blog entries everyday.

Paolo Pineda, ABS-CBN Interactive managing director said “with currently more than 2.2 million members that has signed up from the country, is the fastest-growing and one of the most popular social networks in the Philippines."

According to web traffic analyzer, is currently the top 5 most visited web site in the Philippines generating more than a million page views everyday.

Pineda said that advertisement from the Philippines will only serve users from the country. He added that ABS-CBN’s extensive advertisement network will provide the revenue for

David Hersh, vice president for business development said that a large number of members in the Philippines are engaging in online retail business through “This is something that is unique about Philippine members that we can explore with ABS-CBN,” Hersh said.

Launched in 2004,’s online services provide free personal web site that allows peer-based sharing of photos, blogs, videos, and other digital content.

ABS-CBN Interactive manages the Internet operations of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, the largest media and entertainment company in the Philippines.

Motorola launches ‘MOTO MashUP’ campaign for new music mobile phones

by Marlon C. Magtira

Motorola recently introduced its latest marketing theme dubbed “MOTO MASHUP” to promote the company's latest mobile phones that are designed with advanced multimedia capabilities.

The MASHUP campaign features collaborations of popular international and local artists including Cars, DJ Fun Avy, Top Suzara and Radha to form a new blending of unique music from electropop, techno, cool rock and R&B genres.

The W230 and MotoROKR E8 are the new models that are highlighted in the theme. Designed with a dedicated MP3 player key, the W230 features 2GB memory capacity and an FM radio tuner. The ROKR E8 includes Windows Media Player 11, FM tuner, and ModeShift technology that allows a quick transition from phone to MP3 player to imaging device.

Other Motorola mobile phones included in the MOTO MASHUP campaign are E8, E6, V8, V9, Q8, Q9, Z6, K1, W360, W510 and W375. Track downloads for MASHUP phones are available at

UltraMobile Dell XPS M1330

Weighing just under 1.8kg and featuring an ultra thin 0.9-inch profile, the premium ultra-portable world's thinnest 13.3" notebook Dell XPS M1330 doesn't minimize power or connectivity.

Priced at PhP84,995 (SRP), standard features include a high definition 13.3-inch display, slot-load optical drive, full-sized keyboard, sophisticated touch sensitive media buttons, and HDMI support.

Performance enthusiasts will appreciate the nVidia discrete graphics, integrated fingerprint reader and webcam and dual digital microphones.

The XPS M1330 is powered by high-performance Intel Core 2 Duo processors and comes with Microsoft Windows Vista Premium or Ultimate.

Additional features include: Choice of colors, including Tuxedo Black, Crimson Red and Midnight Blue; 13.3" widescreen high definition display with TrueLife for crisp and vivid images (WXGA1280×800); High performance NVIDIA® GeForce Go 8400M graphics with 128MB dedicated memory; Dell Media Direct and Instant Office technology for fast, one-button access to videos, music or photos, calendar and contacts; Standard 802.11g Wi-fi networking a/g/n; Standard slot-load DVD+/- RW with dual layer capability; Standard integrated 8-in-1 media card reader to enable easy transfer of content from digital devices. Other ports include HDMI, two USB ports, IEEE 1394a, dual headphone jacks; Standard integrated webcam with dual digital microphones and noise-isolation ear buds; Standard consumer travel remote that stores in system Express Card slot; Standard 6-cell lithium-ion battery; Fingerprint reader for security and convenience.

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